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This residence is located within the Savannah Victorian National Register Historic District and was severely dilapidated when Stephen and Elizabeth Mears, owners of Mission Street D+B, purchased it in 2017. 


Physical evidence and materials on the building guided the new design. Non-historic partition walls were removed and historic, character-defining features were retained. In revealing the interior original hallways and staircase, significant original newel posts and balusters were retained and new ones recreated to match where missing


Exterior research revealed that in 1898 the home had maintained a one-story full width front porch. That was re-built using materials and design appropriate of the era. 

before kitchen
after kitchen
before living
after living
before stairs/hall
after stairs/hall
living/kitchen before
living/kitchen after
master before
master after
master before
master after
parlor before
parlor after
master bath before
master bath after
powder bath before
powder bath after
rear exterior before
rear exterior after
exterior before
exterior after
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